Allison Rowe
Microsoft Lift Studio

Creativity in 3D— I designed, prototyped and played with innovative experiences in 3D and mixed reality, guiding our strategy for immersive computing.

Microsoft Paint was where many of us (of a certain generation) took our first steps as designers, artists, and digital makers. But what does creativity mean for kids today? Reimagining Paint with the ability to make 3D objects, characters, and scenes was the biggest update ever to that nostalgia-inducing drawing app, and a step towards introducing everyone to the exciting possibilities of a 3D world.

With a multifaceted crew of creative coders, designers and animators, my team prototyped experiences across desktop, mobile, AR/VR/MR devices, and even our own hardware—exploring how to make 3D interactions intuitive, educational and fun. We worked closely with Microsoft Research to incorporate the latest technology, and laid the foundations for future Paint 3D features and supporting products.

🙈 It's all hush-hush, but you might spot my work in a future release!