Allison Makani`olu Rowe

A strategic & systemic designer focused on innovation for regeneration. I’ve spent the past decade leading innovation labs, digital product / venture-building teams and creative technology studios — particularly 0-1 discovery and development, from emerging trends to deep insights to validated MVPs. I coach companies on strategic foresight and innovation culture. And I help organisations imagine and build the future — transforming radical visions into responsible products, services, systems and businesses.

Before its closure, I led the Research & Design practice at SPACE10, pursuing a more equitable and regenerative future for people and planet — exploring topics ranging from sustainable food systems to modular architecture to digital services for transient living. I consult as Outout Studio, partnering with people and organisations to launch purpose-driven initiatives. And I convene smart people to do weird things — such as Under Your Internet, a playful educational experience to help students explore alternative models for data stewardship (backed by a Mozilla Creative Media Award).

Not so long ago, I built new digital ventures with McKinsey, led an innovation team in spatial computing at Microsoft, developed medical devices for pediatric surgery, managed a global rollout of healthcare software and supported a hardware startup making sex toys for women. I also enjoy lecturing at universities and speaking at conferences and companies around the world.